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9Droid Can Boost up your career and future by providing excellent It Opportunities.

Monday, 30 November 2015

ISO 9001:2008 Certification: 9Droid It Academy is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Academy and its operations enables thousands of students to study without any hassle in our centers.

All 9Droid It Academy centers are audited at regular intervals. The education environment for students, staff competency and capability, infrastructure availability, and proper documentation are assessed for each and every student and corrective action is take

Accelerate your career growth, achieve your full potential & explore new horizons of technology with  9Droid IT Academy. We have been maintaining as the India’s No 1 Laptop Repairing Institute, under which we provide computerized Mobile Repairing course, Laptop Repairing course, Desktop Repairing course, Hardware and networking course, Live Project Training, Tablet PC Repairing course, Mobile Motherboard Repairing from basics to advanced, Laptop Motherboard Repairing course and Desktop Motherboard Repairing course, CCTV Camera Repairing.

9DROID IT ACADEMY is one of the leading IT academy in India with its branches in all over Punjab. As all-round & professional IT Academy since 2008, the staff and Faculty of the 9droid IT Academy are confident in their ability to provide a superior education to each and every student.

Our Faculties have the expertise in them to tackle any problems you may be experiencing with your Mobile phones and Laptops and other gadgets. With all the best equipment at hand we can carry out full and cost effective repairs technique using our experience in the IT industry from past several years.

We're also proud of our faculty and staff, who bring real world experiences right into our classrooms and labs. In fact, more students have chosen 9droid It Academy than any other institute in Punjab because our programs combine the highest academic standards with practical, hands-on knowledge which we give to our students.

9Droid It Academy is a journey of discovery and learning for every student. For more than 5 years, our commitment to quality and practical education has helped our students become successful leaders in job, business and in IT Industry.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

                    Mobile And Laptop Repairing Course

 9DROID IT ACADEMY is one of the best mobile phone and laptop training institute in Punjab with well established training centers in Jalandhar , Ludhiana , Amritsar , Sangrur and Patiala.

9DROID IT ACADEMY is an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Academy in Punjab with its Approval under AIITA (Ministry of Information Technology , (Govt. Of India) . Our computerized mobile repairing courses and Laptop Repairing courses are crafted by aiming the increased need for mobile phone and Laptop technicians. 

We Provide 90% Practical Training to our Students which helps them make their career in IT Industry.

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Monday, 19 October 2015

India's No 1 academy

 Many People dream of advancing their education or career in order to make their bright future by choosing right field and institution. Most of the time, it is very hard to choose right career and field for the student after completion of secondary level. On top of that, our institute helps the students to direct them accurate courses according to their interests with an affordable fee structure .Additionally, Computer and Laptop Chip Level Repairing Course in 9Droid is a best option for those students who don’t afford to go colleges and learn these courses.  For that reason only 9DROID IT ACADEMY has started a short term courses in which a student can learn the techniques and skills in Chip Level Training in Computer and Laptop, Computer Application Computer & Laptop Hardware and Networking Technology as well. 
 With the advancement of technology the use of computers, laptops and mobiles have been increased not even urban  areas , but also rural areas. On top of this,  hardly any institution who is offering very reasonable short term courses and especially chip level training  to  students just to enhance their knowledge and develop their career or skills.  But 9Droid is one of the best and first   institution who is giving an opportunity to students to make their career in IT industry. We provide so many courses that can build your carrier in IT sector like Mobile Industry Laptop Industry  , Networking Industry and all courses are 90% practical basis. we will trained our students within 3/6 Months in which we provide Basic Electronics, Computer and Laptop Hardware Concept, All type of Hardware and Software Solution, Desktop motherboard and Laptop Motherboard Repairing, Networking will also be included.  Foremost,  satisfaction  of the student is our sole objective. The aim of the Institution is to educate our students about real market scenario and bring confidence in them with its practical approach for not only start their own businesses but also to get the best available placements.

Thursday, 8 October 2015



9Droid is leading Laptop / Mobile Phone repair training institute and one of the best Institute in Punjab with a well established training centre. We provide computerized Mobile Phone / Laptop repair training starting from basics to chip level. We have trained hundreds of students who are working successfully in service centers or have set up their own businesses and shops. We aim to provide skilled and professional level training to our Students.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

9Droid Institute is surely an India's leading laptop and mobile resolving institute. We offer mobile and laptops mending fixing to a wide range of whole areas in Jalandhar India. If you are looking good  laptop repairing institute in Jalandhar. We provide highly experienced and qualified technicians in Jalandhar for lots of laptop and mobile issues fixing. We now have many branches in all over Punjab. We provide best faculty training how mobile and notebook issues fixing in Jalandhar; we are one of the best mobile repair training institutes in Jalandhar.

Our work availability guarantee is a different system that will provide you with laptop repairing institute in Jalandhar; we have the best laptop-fixing engineers they will short out just about any query. Our motive offers the best service with regard to laptop fixing; Our laptop and mobile repair training course is quite well designed for cover maximum learning, don't believe we take long time currently all the techniques with regard to laptop solving we just focus to provide best techniques and create understand in easy ways, our course has proven itself again and again to give you, the skills to take laptops apart, resolve them and re-assemble these individuals again.

If you searching for a new career inside laptop fixing? We provide laptop repairing institute in Jalandhar that can assist you to build your service provider brighter, when you will complete our laptop fix course it is possible to start, you own fixing business and get income. Our mobile repair training  is actually bases on practical teaching and essential theory and teaches in our service centre. We have good machine with regard to repairing laptops or mobile.

We help you inside success. We have structured each of our laptop repairing institute in Jalandhar very forward and simple follow so we have do not need worry about anything; each step is very easy to understand so you can easily follow the way we repair laptop, mobile s or tablet PC. Now in this time you can take this field as future available in the market in this market provides huge of demand inside mobile repair training. If you want join our course you can join because we have got many branches in Punjab .

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Thursday, 24 September 2015

                   9Droid It Academy India's No 1 Academy

 9Droid Can Boost up your Career and future by Providing  Excellent IT Opportunities

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Advance mobile Repairing Course
Android Updating and Rooting

iphone repairing
iphone unlocking
dongle unlocking
mobile and tablet repairing course
hardware and networking course
CCNA , N+  ,CCTV Camera Repairing Course
Call 9DROID IT ACADEMY   :  9872411411  , 8283811811  ,
Toll Free  : 1800 137 4411

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


                                                      India's No. 1 It Academy

            9Droid Can Boost up your career and future by providing excellent It Opportunities.

Saturday, 22 August 2015


           We are recognized  as India’s one of the best Mobile, Laptop/Desktop and CCTV Camera  Repairing Training Institute in Punjab. We have completed infrastructure for Training and Development, most efficient faculties for providing state of art training to all of our students and qualified and experienced management professionals for look after the entire circle from admission of a student and giving training and up to placement.
           We offer our students Six Months Card Level and Chip level course,3 Months Laptop/Desktop Card Level Course, Laptop/Desktop Chip level Course, 3Months Mobile Hardware and Software etc. which is based on theoretical and practical training.  As  we know study doesn’t need any age and limitation to build up our knowledge and increase our skills. However, In this proposal we are not thinking to make money from students but we are highly focusing on how to shape their career in technical field . SO ,we have decided that the fee will be reasonable and if student would pay in installments they can do so.  Moreover, we are offering discounts on fee according to the courses.
           The training programs, courses and certificates are  provided will be globally acceptable as per their requirements after completion of the course. Along with this, we will provide  Life Time Technical Backup Support to each and every student even  across the country through Online Services and Telephones.
      The modules of the course will be designed by our expertise according to the suitability of the students so that  anyone would able to  grab the knowledge  (Unemployed, housewife, retired, less qualified, qualified, everyone who wants to earn his bread).
       We can confidently say that after completion of your particular course student would able to earn  monthly  at least 20,000 to 30,000  

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Monday, 10 August 2015

            9DROID IT ACADEMY is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Academy. With its Accreditation body at Australia and New Zealand.
       9DROID IT ACADEMY is one of the leading IT academy in Punjab, with its branches in Ludhiana , Jalandhar , Amritsar , Pathankot , Sangrur , Patiala , Khanna , Barnala and Hamirpur (H.P).
       We are a premier Laptop / Mobile / CCTV Cameras / Networking / Hardware & Software training Academy and one of the best in India with a well equipped training labs and Experienced Faculty for 5yrs.
      9Droid has well established training centers in Punjab which are equipped with highly sophisticated instruments like Projectors, IRDA, SMD machine, Digital meter, Oscilloscope , BIOS Machines , Cisco Routers & Switches etc.

Saturday, 1 August 2015



9Droid IT Academy India's No 1 Mobile/ Laptop/Networking and CCTV  Camera  Repairing Academy

The industry of mobile hardware is among the fastest growing industries in the market. Repair Institute is a world class vocational training institute that provides practical and application based training in the avenue of laptop repair and Smartphone repair. 9Droid It Academy was established with the aim of providing reasonably priced but good quality training in the fields of electronics and mobile engineering.
We have a focused and small group of dedicated trainers with expertise in this field; they are well qualified and certified with adequate field experience in their related industries. We have trained thousands of students who are now working successfully in service centers or have set up their own businesses and shops all over the world.
We not only just provide training, but we also give job assistance, technical support and guidance after completing the course all our students. Software and hardware modules are treated with equal importance since both are essential in the field.
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